2017-18 Fowler Preschool Round Up  -

The Fowler Preschool Program is currently taking on line pre-registration.  Our program is a tuition based, state licensed  program taught by Mrs. Jamie Drabek.

Go to / Waldron School tab / Preschool Roundup


Information collected on-line will be used to determine how many classes will be offered next fall.  We will make every effort to accommodate families to the best of our ability, however the district reserves the right to build, make changes and cancel classes based on enrollment numbers, etc. 

If you have trouble registering on-line or do not have internet access, please contact Vicki Schlak at 989-593-2160 or to enroll on or after March 2nd

The Fowler Preschool Program is a KD readiness program and has everything needed to help prepare children for kindergarten in a warm, caring environment.

- We are licensed by the State of Michigan

- Class options may include 2 or 3 days a week (depending on demand)  

- Classes run for 3 hrs. per day (AM  8:00-11:00  OR   PM  12-3)

-  Our tuition rates (per month) are tentatively set at $85 for 2 days a week or $130 for 3 days a week  (w/ a $30 one-time materials fee) 

-  We are open to all districts for students 4 to 5 years of age.  

If you are interested in a program other than the Fowler Preschool Program, may be suggest the Great Starts Preschool Program  which is a government funded program that is available for families who qualify.  Go to for more information or call 1-855-644-7735.  This program is housed in our building, yet the enrollment process is done through the county. It is funded by the government and free to those who qualify.

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