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At Waldron, we’ve made a commitment to providing our students with opportunities to use powerful technology to engage them and enhance their learning experiences.┬áThis commitment manifests itself in two parts: direct instruction in computers and technology, as well as using technology throughout the rest of the curriculum.

We provide time for students at every grade level to receive instruction in a computers classroom. At the elementary level, this takes place the entire year, for one class period a week. At the middle school level, each grade receives computer class instruction everyday for 10 weeks.

We strongly encourage our staff to incorporate the use of technology into their own classrooms. Every classroom contains at least one computer, and many contain digital projectors as well. Our library / media center is home to an array of desktop computers. We house a dedicated computer lab, complete with enough computers for every child to use their own, as well as a digital projector for the instructor to share materials.

Students in Summer Discovery learning how to use their iPads

Lastly, we are proud that prior to the 2011-2012 school year, we have purchased a mobile lab of Apple iPads to complement our existing technology resources. Teachers can now take this powerful resource into their classrooms and engage students in new and exciting ways.

We believe our multi-faceted commitment to technology gives students at Waldron a real advantage. Every child at Waldron should be well-prepared to enter into a technology-focused high school curriculum.

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