1st Grade

First grade teacher Sherry Hamilton has many years of experience in elementary education.  She has been teaching First Grade for 16 years.  She brings joy and excitement for education and shares that with her students everyday.

One of the First Grade highlights is Literacy Workstations. These independent work stations are a key aspect of the first grade classroom.  Students work independently with their literacy buddy on reading and writing activities to reinforce skills already introduced within the classroom. Along with going to literacy work stations, the children also meet in small groups with their teachers for Guided Reading Groups and a helper for a small group activity.  Mrs. Hamilton feels that the literacy stations provide a fun and educational way to engage the students in their learning.  These activities change throughout the year to meet the needs of the children. Parents and grandparents are always more than welcome to come in and help in the classroom during work station time.  The Literacy Work Stations include: poetry, buddy reading, science, social studies, ABC/word, library, computer, big book, listening, and pocket chart. The stations, as well as their activities, often change throughout the year to better meet the needs of the students.

Sherry also works closely with the reading specialist as they coordinate lessons to meet the needs of their students to offer extra reading support. Support options include one-on-one support with the reading interventionist, small group support with a para-pro and leveled reading support with their classroom teachers.



Reading and Writing in First Grade

Reading, grammar, spelling and writing are essential skills for first graders. Sherry continues to build upon the skills the students have learned in Kindergarten to raise their reading and writing skills. The students are taught to use the Expanded Expression Tool to enhance their writing and promote deeper level thinking.  Students write in journals, do report and story writing and are taught weekly spelling and sight words. They are also given the opportunity to participate in whole and small group reading. The students also read one-on-one with their teacher, classroom aides and parent volunteers.

First Grade Academics

Just as reading is very hands-on in first grade, the teachers also strive to make all learning fun by doing many active hands-on lessons in all other subject areas.  There is never a dull moment as you can often hear music coming from the classrooms and see children singing, dancing and learning with smiles on their faces.  First grade is sure to be an exciting and rewarding year for you and your child!

Math: Students participate in a variety of daily Math activities as they continue to build upon their skills in addition, subtraction, number sense, place value, measurement, time, money and much more!  

Science: This subject area is best done by exploring a variety of materials to make learning fun! The themes include Life Science, Earth Science and Physical Science.  Colorful and engaging Science textbooks are filled with hands on activities where students enjoy experimenting, observing and making predictions throughout each lesson.

Social Studies: Topics in this area relate to: school, community, family, our country and our world.  While studying this subject area students are learning to become responsible, concerned citizens in their school and community.

Technology:  Students participate in a computer class taught by a certified Technology teacher once a week.  When not in the computer lab, they are given the experience to use i-pads to practice reading and math skills.

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