2nd Grade

We are excited to spend this year with the children and their families. Second grade is full of learning, laughing, and fun. Our classrooms are alive with discovery and discussion. Also, the children are involved in thoughtful dialogues and will be in an environment that promotes caring and respect. It is sure to be a wonderful year and positive learning experience for everyone!! Second grade celebrates special days and events throughout the year. Seasonal events such as pumpkin carving and making gingerbread houses, in addition to Camp Learned Alot and an end of the year picnic are just a few of the exciting activities your children will experience.

The Team: Terrie Pfund and Brenda Epkey

Language Arts in Second Grade

Reading, writing, phonics, and spelling are very important in our second grade day. Everything we do is linked together, including science and social studies. For reading, our students have whole group instruction, small group instruction, and individual reading time. The class will be working on decoding skills, comprehension, fluency, and grammar. The class writes daily and completes published works. Punctuation, capitalization, complete sentences, and a proper beginning, middle, and end will be stressed when writing. The class will also be writing informational paragraphs and writing in their journals dealing with different topics and subject areas. Modern printing is reviewed and cursive writing is then introduced. Phonics is also taught daily to aid the students with their decoding skills. In addition, the spelling words match up with the phonetic skill that is being taught.


During math time we work on problem solving, math facts, reviewing the lesson from the day be- fore, do hands on learning for the skill that is being taught, complete practice pages or an activity together, and then the students will practice the skill on their own. Some of the topics that we cover in math are addition and subtraction facts to 18, problem solving, time, money, fractions, geometry, measurement, and much more.

Science and Social Studies

We line up our science and social studies units with the stories we are reading and with the sea- sons and holidays of the year. Second grade as a class will be involved in experiments and hands–on learning. The areas of study covered are food chains, habitats, life cycles, weather, fossils, nutrition, health, holidays, past, present, and future, community, government, friendship, and family.

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