3rd Grade

The third grade curriculum is delivered by a partnership and team teaching approach. Through shared teaching strategies and an integrated curriculum, the teachers identify and meet the needs of the many diverse learning styles of their students. Each student is assigned to a homeroom where the majority of the curriculum is taught. However, all Science lessons are presented by one of the teachers while all Michigan History lessons are led by the other team member. This utilizes the strengths of each teacher to benefit all students. Third grade teachers promote an atmosphere of safety, trust, responsibility, and respect. Cooperation and collaboration both in the classroom and with each other is valued by the team. They believe great things happen while working together.

The Team: Carol Blackwell and LeAnn Schafer

Reading is the foundation of all learning. One can only become better at something through practice. Reading is no exception. It is our hope that by having your child read on a daily basis (both in school and at home) it will become part of his/her daily routine. Stories read will include a variety of genre which include fiction, nonfiction, fantasy, mystery, biography, historical fiction, realistic fiction, poetry, and informational text.
The children will try their hand at many different types of writing. These include: friendly letter, persuasive, informative, narrative, journal, creative, research, poetry, and descriptive. Handwriting will stress correct letter formation for both print and cursive. Appropriate size and slant will be stressed.


This year will continue to build on previously learned skills. It is essential that your child masters both the addition and subtraction facts before we start multiplication. Multiplication, division and problem solving are essential components of the third grade curriculum. Problem solving will include identifying the problem, labeling the needed information, and finding the solution.

Social Studies and Science

Social Studies will center around the study of communities. Map skills will be utilized throughout the year. Current events will also be discussed. In Science, the scientific method will be stressed for both modeled and hands-on activities. Life Science, Earth Science, Physical Science form the basis of the third grade curriculum.

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