Waldron School has used the “Continuous Progress Kindergarten Program” since August of 1999. In our two year program, all age eligible students who are five years old on or before December 1 enter Kindergarten together. Each student participates in a continuous curriculum in which they are individually assessed, evaluated and instructed. Detailed information about the students’ rate of development and achievement is compiled. At the end of the year, those students who are developmentally ready and achieve the pre-determined objectives continue on to 1st grade. Students who need more time to mature or acquire the necessary skills to insure success in 1st grade continue in the second year of the kindergarten curriculum.

The Team: Corey Werner, Amy Pung, and Patty Schmitt

To insure the necessary individualization of instruction, a team teaching approach is being used. Kindergarten students are primarily assigned to the care of one teacher. However, all the kindergarten teachers plan and present the instruction cooperatively, allowing students to work in one large group, flexible smaller groups, or individually. We believe that the individualized instruction, continuous curriculum, and team teaching approach assures that our students are better prepared for 1st grade.

Waldron’s Continuous Progress Kindergarten Program Provides:

  • better preparation for first grade
  • more individualized instruction
  • team teaching, which pools resources and provides individualization
  • a two year curriculum for better developmental placement

Basic Skills Developed in Kindergarten

Teachers often use the word “readiness.” Is your child “ready” to read or “ready” to write? You may wonder why he or she can’t just begin these tasks. Perhaps your child has already begun to read and write at home, but you find that at school he or she is not yet reading from a book or writing with a pencil. There are reasons for this– a child needs to develop many skills before being taught to read and write. These skills are called “pre-reading” or “pre-writing” skills and are the basis for our Kindergarten curriculum. Once these skills are well established, those students who show the appropriate readiness skills will be offered the opportunity to explore more advanced reading and writing skills.

General Skills including:

  • recognizing own name (both first and last) in print
  • naming and recognizing colors including red, blue, yellow, green, orange, purple, brown, black, pink, white, and gray
  • recognizing and naming the letters of the alphabet, both upper and lower case
  • printing names, letters, numerals, and words
  • matching upper and lower case letters

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